Corporate volunteering: Day trip with seniors

Last week, a group of Alfa Consulting employees took part in a volunteer day trip organized for seniors who reside in one of the 3 living units the NGO Cáritas offers in Barcelona. These “units” are nine shared apartments for autonomous seniors (over 64) with a total capacity of 34 residents,  21 of whom were able to participate in the day trip Alfa had prepared for them. We think a day trip is an engaging and uplifting social activity that offers seniors an experience outside their usual environment as well as a chance to meet people other than their caregivers, educators or social workers.

Trip to Jorda’s Beechwood forest

The day started with a bus ride to the Jorda’s Beechwood forest, located in la Garrotxa, Girona (Spain). The group then enjoyed a horse-drawn carriage tour through the forest, relishing the fresh air and the beautiful scenery.

After the tour, the group had lunch together and shared some quality time while enjoying great conversations. It was a great experience for both the volunteers and the senior citizens, who by the end of the day were very appreciative and thankful. Lunch was served at a restaurant that had a small farm nearby, so after the meal the group visited and even pet some of the small animals.

Corporate Volunteering with Alfa Solidaria

At Alfa we believe in being socially responsible. Our commitment to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) goes back over two decades, when the program “Alfa Solidaria” was created. Since then, each year the company has allocated  2% of the income to this program, dedicated to promoting solidarity projects. After the great success of last year corporate volunteering day, we wanted to repeat the activity and decided to organize a second one with Cáritas. Once again, we got really positive feedback from it.

It was very enriching to share a day with them, people that come from very different backgrounds. People that have had very different lives and were open to share some of their experiences and stories.” says Tarek Faris, Consultant.

Barbara Steinberg, HR department, agrees that “it was an amazing experience” and believes it really made a difference for them. “You could tell this was a great opportunity for them to do something different, something outside of their routine. They really enjoyed it and so did we”.

Another Consultant, Anxiang Yin, believes the best part of participating in the volunteer day was “being able to share happiness, smiles and an incredible experience with the senior people. One of the great things of Alfa Consulting is that it is constantly involving the whole organization and its employees to help and return to society what we receive from it.”

On this topic, Raquel Gutiérrez, HR & Administration, adds “I wish more companies would commit to being socially responsible. Even small things, like a day trip, can have a big impact”. 

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