Design Thinking Workshop with ESADE MSC students

Yesterday, April 10th, over 50 students form the ESADE MSc came to our Barcelona offices and took part in a Design Thinking workshop we had prepared for them.

The purpose of this interactive workshop was to enable the students to learn the fundamentals of Design Thinking to improve organizational performance and was run by Alfa Consulting Managers Joaquim Grau and Anna Vilatarsana.

The session started with a corporate presentation by CEO Ignacio Guerra, followed by a warm up activity that allowed the students to “open their minds” for the next exercise. The students, divided into groups, then had to apply the design thinking methodology (ideation, prioritization and design) to a specific challenge in order to come up with new approaches and a solution to the proposed case: how to increase the fund raising of a imaginary NGO.

At the end, each team presented their proposal and voted for the winner: the green team. Congratulations to all the students who participated on their hard work. It was great to see their enthusiasm, participation and and great ideas. We hope this introduction to Design Thinking will help them advance their business skills.