Ensuring effective teamwork in organizations

team work.png

Teamwork is a common practice used by organizations, since it generates synergies and provides results that go beyond the capabilities of the team components. However, to ensure effectiveness, there are some critical aspects to take into account:

  • Is it really necessary? Before creating a teamwork, make sure that you need to do so, because it brings advantages but also has drawbacks: it makes slower to reach conclusions, requires more dedication, and runs the risk of not obtaining any outcome.
  • What is the purpose of the team?  It is necessary to define a specific objective, both in terms of the result (and how to measure it), as well as the deadline for achieving it.
  • Who will be members of the team?  Selecting the members of the task force is critical both in number (optimal between 6 and 8) and in the people, choosing only those able to contribute something.
  • Which will be the rules of the team? The rules of operation of the meetings, the communication between the members, the commitment of each member with the decisions of the team and the need for individual work, must be defined in advance.
  • What resources will be available for the team? The time commitment of the members, the meeting place and the ability to make decisions about resources.
  • Who will be the coordinator?  That person must have the ability to communicate clearly the objectives, motivate your team, maintain a high level of requirement and provide guidance to the achievement of results.
  • Which role plays each member? Promoting the positive roles of members of the team in every moment and control the negative is fundamental to achieve the proper dynamics of the group.
  • In what stage is the team? Identify the different phases through any team (forming , storming and performing) and act accordingly. It will improve the results.
  • What are the strengths of the team? Knowing the strengths of the team helps overcome difficult times and, by anticipating problems, you can mitigate the weaknesses.