Extraordinary measures against COVID-19

Dear clients, Alumni and friends,

We send you this brief note

to inform you of the measures we have decided to implement at Alfa beyond Consulting due to the COVID-19 pandemic, with the priority objective of not putting our customers and employees at risk, and which we summarize below:


  • We have introduced the teleworking format to all our offices since this past Friday, by means of our digital implementation platform
  • All face-to-face meetings with clients have been canceled, as well as domestic and international trips
  • We have decided to repatriate all consultants currently away from home, so that they can spend the period of confinement with their families


These measures logically affect our ongoing projects, but we hope they will have a minor impact.

In all cases we have contacted project coordinators on our clients’ end, and we have guaranteed the achievement of the objectives of each one of them. For this we already have fully operational remote work platforms, which enable us to carry out nearly all activities remotely.

We have received a very positive response from all of you, seeing that with these measures you do not have to paralyze important initiatives.

Thanks to the investment we make in Innovation we are prepared for this situation, with an excellent portfolio of projects and the opportunity to further enhance our remote delivery capabilities. We launched an important development program for our digital deployment platform three years ago, which we have perfected and which is now fully integrated into TEAMS, which means no additional costs and allows a quick start-up for our clients.

This platform is already being used regularly in all our projects. It allows the collaborative design of solutions, training, monitoring of the implementation and its operational indicators, the conduct of all meetings and communications and all document management in one fully integrated environment.

In this sense, we put ourselves at your disposal, as always, in case we could be of use to facilitate the remote realization of some of your operations or initiatives.

We want to thank you once again for putting your trust in Alfa beyond Consulting and wish your teams and your families the least possible impact from this pandemic,
Kind regards,

Alfa beyond Consulting