Key factors to motivate the members of your team


Motivating your team can allow your organization to perform better and lead to increased productivity.
These are the key factors to consider :

  • Agree on the main objectives and responsibilities with all members of the team, to track improvements together.
  • Recognize the contributions of each member, their achievements and successes.
  • React to mistakes with constructive criticism, to prevent recurrence.
  • Openly show confidence in people.
  • Delegate as many tasks and functions as posible.
  • Provide ongoing training for each member of your team.
  • Encourage everybody to develop their individual abilities.
  • Give feedback to every person about their performance, hold regular meetings to evaluate them.
  • Take time to talk and listen to understand the needs of each person.
  • Develop an individual career plan for everyone in the organization.

Motivation is a continuous process. Developing talent within your company is one of the best ways to be prepared for the future.