World Class Maintenance Approach + Industry 4.0

Maintenance is a key success factor in industrial business operations. It has a direct impact on the whole manufacturing system, product quality, and production costs. However, many factories take a reactive maintenance approach which ultimately has negative impacts on performance and results.

For this reason, we are glad to share with you “Lean World Class Maintenance Approach + Industry 4.0” a document that lays out how strong predictive maintenance using Lean World Class maintenance approach leads to great performance and even greater results.

Lean World Class Maintenance Approach + Industry 4.0

In the full document that you can download below,  we will discuss how to master the Lean World Class Maintenance with best practices that include: improving equipment effectiveness, involving operators in daily maintenance, or training everyone involved, among others.

You will also find a Case Study in which the project was the implementation of an Internet of Things Preventive Quality approach. The case is a good example on how Enabling Technologies helps to overcome traditional models and approaches which have arisen from the previous industrial revolutions.

Lean World Class Maintenance

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