Plastic caps for a new life: goal achieved and new drive


We are pleased to announce that the money raised from recycled plastic caps during the past months (read about this initiative here) has reached its goal and Laia will be able to receive her treatment.

About Plastic Caps for a new life

Bruno, plastic caps

Plastic caps for a new life is a beautiful project that has been able to help 146 children with health issues by collecting plastic caps. Each drive focuses on a specific child that needs special treatment or orthoses.

Over the past 7 years they have been able to collect over 4.400 tons of plastic with a value of one million Euros. Also, through recycling all this plastic we have avoided the emission of 6.707 tons of carbone dioxide (CO2), the main cause of climate change. Since 2016, we are proud to be one of the companies involved with the cause and be able to show our commitment to society and the environment.

Alfa Solidaria

Alfa Solidaria is the program through which we commit to society by getting involved in the development of different solidarity initiatives. As part of this program, during the past months at Alfa we have been collecting caps for Laia who will now receive her treatment (read her story here) and we are already collecting caps for the next challenge: help collect 10 million caps for Bruno‘s standing frame, so he wont need to rely on a wheelchair.

If you didn’t know about this initiative, we encourage you to share it with family, friends and coworkers and help assist many more children!