Pro Bono Alfa Consulting Project: Never Alone, Fundació Ave María

Thanks to the Pro Bono consulting contest organized by Alfa Consulting, the Fundació Ave María and Alfa Consulting have been working together with one of the main initiatives of the Foundation. The Project “Never Alone” was designed to give integrated care to dependent people in home environments. Both, Alfa and Ave María, quantified the economic and positive impacts of this initiative within the society.

Below you Will find the article that Ave Maria has published on its website detailing the main conclusions and the results of the project:


  • The study from Alfa Consulting, results on an initial return-on-investment of 17€ for each euro invested, from savings to the public treasury.
  • The foundation and the “Never Alone” project were selected through Alfa Consulting’s yearly call for Pro Bono projects process.

During last September, the prestigious Alfa Consulting launched its first edition of the “Pro Bono Consulting Contest”, offering a free of charge consulting project to non-profit institutions in Spain. The objective was to offer the experience and professional capabilities of Alfa Consulting for the benefit of social projects.

The “Fundació Ave María” was one of the 4 institutions selected, the objective of the project was to investigate the Social Return on Investment of its “Never Alone” initiative.

The scope of the project was an initial analysis, and currently a further development is being carried out. The analysis resulted in a model that estimates the impact throughout the project, which is regularly updated with the development of the project in order to deliver more precise data.

The conclusion was a very positive SROI: for each euro invested by public administration in the project, the return on investment will be 17 euros (in savings).

Alfa Consulting’s and Ave María’s teams have worked together for several weeks, leading to a satisfactory result for the Ave María Foundation: apart from the study results, the strategy was reviewed adding relevant feedback to it.

The main results of the project are:

  • The demographic evolution of Spain represents a great challenge for elder citizens and public administration in the near future.
  • The evaluation process of dependency is inefficient, leading to negative repercussions to the beneficiaries.
  • The “Never Alone” project will contribute for both the quality of life for the dependent citizens as well as increasing efficiency of the service providers.
  • The prevention of institutionalization is the most relevant impact of the project reflected in this study
Alfa Consulting & Ave María
Alfa Consulting’s and Ave Maria’s Teams during a workshop in the headquarters of the foundation.

The “Never Alone” project aims to deliver an integral attention offering for dependent citizens in their residencies. It is a platform for advanced assistance and proximity services, for the coordination between different service providers, empowering collaboration and offering preventive/personalized support, in order to increase the evolution of their capabilities for Daily essential Activities. It has economic support from the European Union Regional Development fund, is one of the projects selected for the Specialization and Territorial Competitiveness projects from Garraf.


Link to the original article (only available in Catalan)