Anna Vilatarsana

“Working at Alfa Consulting has given me the chance to integrate into consultant teams from different continents and live unforgettable experiences both personally and professionally.”

Anna joined Alfa Consulting 5 years ago. Due to her participation in an important global project, she has had the chance to develop her career in different markets, and spent two years living in the United States and Australia.

Anna is licensed in Administration and Business Management, and is currently studying for an MBA.

“I like to travel and meet people from different cultures. That’s why I didn’t think it twice when, shortly after joining Alfa Consulting, I was assigned a project with one of our global clients which required on-site monitoring, first in the U.S. and then in Australia.”

“The truth is that I’ve had an amazing vital and professional experience.I had the chance to work directly at our clients’ different headquarters, collaborating with consultants from different firms of the Cordence Worldwide alliance, which has contributed to expanding my vision on how to tackle and solve problems. This was a very rewarding experience. I felt so at ease that, every time I went back home for a few days, (Alfa Consulting makes it possible for you to go back home once a month and keep in touch with your close ones), I wouldn’t shut up about work!”

“I love working as a consultant and I feel right at home at Alfa Consulting. Thanks to this experience I’ve been able to travel to places I’d never thought I would.”