Recruitment Fair at the ESADE MBA

ESADE MBA Recruitment Fair

Yesterday, February 15th, Alfa Consulting attended the Recruitment Fair organized by ESADE for their MBA students. The event took place at their Sant Cugat campus, where many companies from all industry sectors met with the MBA students.

During the morning, Alfa Consulting conducted a series presentations and case studies presented by the human resources team as well as some consultants. At lunch time, a large group of students attended the Informal Workshop & Cocktail, where doubts were resolved regarding the selection process, the company and the profiles sought, since first year students are required to fulfill  internships at the end of their first year, and second-year MBA students will be entering full-time, permanent roles.

In the afternoon, at the Meeting Points, we had a place assigned  so students could approach us and speak with us individually, and clarify the doubts they still had regarding Alfa Consulting or the professional opportunities that may be offered.

All in all, a great opportunity for companies to search for the best talent and for the ESADE MBA students to explore potential opportunities.