ReThinking the commercial operations in Pharma companies

The current situation has pushed us all, from one day to another to promote the use of technologies and adapt our way of working, which has allowed us to maintain contact with our clients and collaborators.


In this new scenario, companies will have to face the challenges that this paradigm shift implies and take advantage of new opportunities that arise to gain competitiveness and presence in the market.


At Alfa Consulting we have developed a document that you can find on the following link: Pharma_ReThinking_Comercial, where we propose rethinking the aspects we consider necessary to achieve this new scenario and approach. As a summary we believe the convenience to:


  • Review and adapt access channels to stakeholders
  • Promote digitization as a transmission vehicle
  • Review stakeholder segmentation to incorporate digital target criteria
  • Adapt the commercial organization
  • Ensure correct coordination between areas


In the document you will find a brief explanation of each of these aspects, as well as some representative success stories and a brief outline of what a project of this type would look like, which we believe could be prepared in a short period of time.