After sales, a business opportunity

We have all heard some variation of the expression “It’s harder to find new customers than to keep them”. Even so, it is relevant to ask if we do dedicate the same effort taking care of existing customers than finding new ones.

After-sales service is the asset that allows us to optimize long-term business relationships with our customers. In general, after-sales contains activities both focused on the product (or technical service), and customer-oriented (purely commercial activities).

In most representative technical services we find installation of new products, repairs or routine preventive maintenance. All of them offer excellent opportunities to develop and improve the relationship with customers.

Commercial services include activities as broad as customer loyalty, training for the use of products, promotional campaigns, incident management… The enormous possibilities of creation of value are evident if we excel in these services.

Therefore, there are two main lines of action that will generate opportunities in organizations and will improve results. On the one hand, the efficiency improvement of teams attending customers, due to the complexity of networks monitored generally from the distance, both in the case of commercial networks and technical networks. On the other hand, excellence in the commercial side allows the loyalty of our clients and the identification of new business opportunities, as well as the ability to attract new customers. We thus have a perfect conjunction of the two clearer ways to optimize results: cost reduction and increase in sales.

Those companies with the ability to identify their improvement potential and define the necessary steps to undertake transformation projects will achieve not only an improved margin business, but more satisfied customers and therefore long-term sustainable and profitable businesses.

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