Scandinavian consultancy Valcon joins our group

Scandinavian consulting firm Valcon has joined our group,Cordence Worldwide, a global partnership of management consulting firms with an on the ground presence in 20+ countries.

Alfa Consulting and all the other Cordence Worldwide member firms are excited to welcome Valcon to the partnership. Both Valcon and Cordence Worldwide see strong synergistic opportunities in the partnership, as Valcon’s position as a premium operations consulting firm in Europe aligns with Cordence’s aim of strengthening our position in Scandinavia. 

Thomas Fischer, the CEO of Valcon, said that he is proud that the firm has been admitted into the network, which consists of what he describes as “premium and leading partners from all around the globe.”

“Our partnership with Cordence Worldwide is a natural next step in Valcon’s continued focus on offering sustainable, holistic solutions to our clients in both the private and public sectors. This will allow us to strengthen our ability to offer our clients the right teams as we will have an even stronger pool of competences and true global reach.”


With over 2,800 professionals and 65+ offices, Cordence Worldwide is one of the world’s larger networks for management consultancy services. The group is built on the collective ambition of member firms to bring deep expertise at a local level, delivered at speed across all corners of the globe. Among the members firms are US-headquartered North Highland, pan-European players Horváth & Partners (Germany), Oresys (France) and Bonfiglioli Consulting (Italy), as well as Avalon Consulting (Asia) and Spain-based Alfa Consulting (Spain), which serves as the network’s bridge to Latin America.

Valcon becomes the networks eleventh member and more importantly, provides Cordence Worldwide with a foothold in Scandinavia, a consulting industry estimated to be worth €2.8 billion. “Valcon was the obvious choice in offering Cordence Worldwide and our partners the opportunity to make an even greater difference in the Nordics,” commented Andrew Keene, Managing Director of Cordence Worldwide.