We develop new Consumer Goods & Retail strategies

We work with consumer goods and retail companies on the development and execution of pragmatic strategies to capitalize on changes in the market and consumer dynamics, as well as in channels and the incorporation of new technologies.

Currently, consumer goods and retail companies are facing a rising number of new challenges: digitization, improvements in consumer experience, investments in new markets, price increases or the volatility of raw materials. All of these factors often lead to sharp falls in profits.

At Alfa Consulting, we help companies develop and execute new strategies in order to reformulate their business and drive them towards the future:

  • We effectively align the value chain with corporate strategy in order to achieve the necessary growth and profit margins.
  • We design and implement new management policies in terms of categories, promotional activities and consumer experience, which optimize the business.
  • We improve the supply chain to make it more efficient and closely associated to the development of e-commerce.
  • We develop pragmatic digital strategies and capacities in the interest of achieving sustainable growth.
  • We lead globalizing processes, guiding and supporting our clients in the development and transfer of best practice to all their units.