Facing the cold: market and seasonal distribution

The challenge


One of the major global companies in the food industry with more than 330,000 workers.

The company was dealing with a complicated market situation in one of its main lines of business, with declining sales and margins, high seasonality, pronounced client capillarity and the need to distribute its products at very low temperatures.

Alfa Consulting provided assistance in designing a new solution for product distribution which would significantly reduce costs in all Foodservice channels.

To achieve this, future potential alternatives to carry out capillary distribution were identified and quantified, including the grouping of different categories to establish a better optimized operation. A new capillary distribution model was also configured with distribution centers and cross docks, order processing and picking, load optimization, the number of necessary routes and the most adequate means.

The results

  • 30%

    cost savings

  • Greater market coverage

  • Quality service guaranteed