We reinvent companies in the Energy & Chemicals sector

In one of the most important transformation periods in the history of the industry, we offer our clients efficient investment management and cost optimization techniques, focalizing on profitability at the point of sale and making the most of the support provided by digitization.

In current times, the Energy & Chemicals sector is going through an unprecedented situation, in which transformation is not only necessary, it has become indispensable.

Among the new challenges faced by the industry, we can highlight:

  • An unprecedented drop in oil prices.
  • Increase of offer and decrease of demand in the context of a global economic slowdown.
  • Growing concern over climate change and carbon emissions, which cause a snowball effect in the consumption of fossil fuels.

Overcoming these challenges requires designing coherent and creative strategies, managing costs adequately and redirecting short term investments.

This new environment is generating a tangible impact in business. Some examples are:

  • Loss of profits in upstream activities, which has radically frozen investments.
  • The need for more efficient and innovating energetic solutions, which has redirected investments along two courses: R&D and alternative sources of energy.
  • In order to avoid arbitrary cost-cutting, it is necessary to redesign operations to optimize costs adequately, carefully, critically and creatively.
  • The development of tough renegotiations with all providers and contractors.