We enhance cost structure by adapting it to the current situation

Cost structure optimization

We rely on highly skilled experts to design and implement operational excellence models, contractor management models, maintenance models and adequate resource dimensioning.

By means of our own methodology, which has been developed and tested throughout more than 20 years of experience, we provide our clients with the conception and implementation of:

  • Operational excellence models

By applying concepts of the Operational Maturity Model (OMM), both in upstream and downstream processes, we identify opportunities through off-curve indicators. These new opportunities have a clear impact on the efficiency and efficacy of operations.

Moreover, we make better use of available resources by dimensioning them according to the necessary activity levels, with a clear impact on the reduction of costs per unit produced.

  • Contractor management models

Our contractor management model acts on different levels, from the definition of a contracting strategy to the enhancement of operational contractor management processes.

Our experience enables us to define a reasonable target cost for the service to be outsourced, according to the activity and quality levels desired.

Other business practices that we develop with regard to outsourcing process are: provider homologation, delineation of RFP/RFQ, negotiation processes and allocation. We also take on the design of transition plans at the beginning of the service (and contract cancellation with previous providers) until a new stationary situation is reached.

With regard to the design and implementation of an optimized day-to-day management model, we guarantee an adequate execution of planned activities while complying with the agreed deadlines, the quality desired and pre-established cost targets.

  • Maintenance models

Our wide experience in the design and enhancement of preventive maintenance plans, as well as in the evaluation and quantification of their fulfillment, ensures the optimization of daily maintenance operations.

The different improvement opportunities that we are able to identify are: a drop in the number of emergencies, decrease of the corrective-preventive maintenance ratio, less recurrent malfunctions, better team availability, improvement of service quality and the execution of preventive maintenance inspections, etc.

All these best practices are translated into a better usage of available resources, as well as a reduction of operational maintenance costs.

  • Adequate dimensioning of necessary resources

We streamline activities by focusing on those which contribute the most added value according to a methodology we have developed throughout our years of experience.

Rationalizing the dimensioning of direct and indirect resources enables us to take on greater activity levels and reduce operational costs, in addition to outsourcing maintenance services.