Improving the management of all refineries

The challenge


Large energy company operating in the domains of exploration, production, transportation and gas and oil refining.

After an internal diagnosis, the company concluded that it needed to transform its organizational model, which had remained unchanged throughout many years. To achieve this, it was necessary to develop a new model and conduct its implementation at the company’s refineries.

Alfa Consulting assisted in the conception and implementation of the model, analyzing the fieldwork at all refineries in the business areas of Production and Maintenance. The implementation was carried out at all the company’s refineries.

The obtained results following the implementation of the model were significant. The average data for all refineries are: a positive adjustment of 17M€ with regard to Operations, due to the correction of deviations during production and a better team availability; savings of 1.8M€ in Maintenance after a 20% decrease of the workload and a staff adjustment of 5%.

The results

  • 17M€

    positive adjustment in Operations

  • 1.8M€

    savings in Maintenance

  • 20%

    workload decrease

  • 5%

    staff adjustment