We manage investment life cycles

Optimizing investments

We work on the improvement of investment life cycle management, Capital Expenditure Management, mega-projects management models and the conception of integration programs (PMI).

Among the activities found in this scope of action, we can highlight:

  • Investment life cycle management¬†

In order to guarantee service quality, we define priorities in terms of operating and maintaining assets according to the monitoring of CAPEX & OPEX interrelations.

Lastly, we align investment management with company strategy to avoid conflicts between short term return opportunities and long term sustainability.

  • Mega-project management

We have different methodologies with regard to large-scale projects that involve a great number of providers, people, machinery and, essentially, monetary resources.

  • Integration program management

In the context of the integration and merger of new companies, the investment of resources in new R&D companies or the development of new lines of business, we design suitable management plans to better oversee company integrations (PMI).