Simple and accurate financial decisions

Design of a responsible product

Evolving from market-leading banking to responsible banking

The new generations of consumers are much more aware of companies’ positions with regard to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), long before making purchases. Furthermore, the reputation of the banking sector has been considerably harmed by the financial crisis.

Now more than ever, the sector requires a regenerative process to prove that its activities are beneficial to society. And, on top of that, demonstrate that its products and services are socially responsible and transparent in order to regain customer trust.

In order to bring about this change of perception, and contribute to the notion of responsible banking, we analyze the whole banking sales cycle:

  • Value proposal:
    • Ensuring that it is appropriate for the target client.
    • Guaranteeing transparency and customer comprehension of the product.
  • Commercialization:
    • Confirming that the sales force understands and conveys product characteristics and features transparently.
    • Supervision to ensure that inadequate products are not sold.
  • Post-sales:
    • Ensuring that all viable options are transparently communicated to the customer.
    • Analyzing if mediation options are offered so that the customer can choose the option that suits him most.