We transform the operational model

Operational transformation and digital conversion

We minimize administrative activities and bolster commercial activity of the sales force at financial institutions.

The present-day context makes it necessary to achieve maximum sales force efficiency at bank branches. However, there are still operational models in existence in which administrative tasks far outweigh commercial activities.

The operational transformation of bank branches represents an opportunity to shift the focus of commercial managers to customer care and sales, removing or transferring administrative tasks to other operational centers.

A thorough analysis of the operational model enables us to:

  • Remove administrative tasks that hinder commercial activity at the bank branches.
  • Identify the possibility of centralizing administrative tasks at the bank’s operational centers or through the creation of new centers.
  • Carry out reengineering and automation projects to improve execution efficiency.

This operational shift brings about two main benefits:

  • Maximization of commercial activity.
  • Reduction of execution costs of administrative activities.