We implement integration processes

Sector consolidation

The banking sector is undergoing a consolidation process of entity groups, which result in more robust and efficient banks.

An integration or merger is a complex process that affects shareholders, clients, employees, organizational structures, operations, technology, etc. It must be correctly orchestrated in order to avoid deviations from the established goals and targets.

We have provided support to the biggest former savings bank in Spain in its integration process, maximizing the estimated value of its business plan. In this process, we have been able to uphold 5 main factors of success:

 minimum losses of the acquired business;

minimum disruption of HR management processes;

 operational value maximization due to synergies;

 smooth transition of the technological-operational conversion;

 compliance with regulatory and legal deadlines and milestones.

In order to tackle this kind of process, we have developed a plan for each stage of the integration project that enables us to save time, anticipate decision-making and hurdle obstacles. We can distinguish the following phases:

Phase 1: Vision and operation closure

  • Period in which all agreements regarding the merger are settled and the temporal framework of the integration process is conceived (until its allocation).

Phase 2: Delineation of the integration

  • Period in which the two merging entities are analyzed, and the temporal and definitive organizational and operational models are determined (until the operation closure).

Phase 3: Execution.

  • Period in which the entity operates through transitory models, while honing its definitive models and preparing its technological integration (until a full technological integration is achieved).

Phase 4: Post-integration – Stabilization

  • Period in which the definitive models are stabilized and the resulting entity can proceed to the Business as Usual stage, and carry out its standard functional operations.