We redesign Route-To-Market strategies

Design of Route to Market

At Alfa Consulting, we implement changes in Route-To-Market strategies in B2B environments and generate a competitive edge.

To achieve this:

  • We work on market segmentation;
  • We differentiate client needs and expectations related to one kind of product;
  • We maximize the added value of the product;
  • We review channel strategies while ensuring their adequacy to current market demands and trends;
  • We review processes to ensure the correct coordination between different client contact points;
  • Lastly, we review resource and cost efficiency in the RTM model by making sure that it covers consumer needs and preferences. Here we define the type of resources to be used, including make or buy analysis.

An adequate strategy can involve the following improvements:

  • Increased added value perceived by the customer. The product is delivered to the correct client, at the right spot, with an adequate amount and as part of a solution to a definite need.
  • Stock optimization. Necessary quantities can be adjusted with a specific strategy for each market segment.
  • Efficient product delivery. The product is transported to wherever the demand is.
  • Increase of company flexibility and response times. The response times to clients is reduced when there is a clear path to satisfy each market segment.
  • Increase of profits. All of the aforementioned points are translated into a positive financial impact, the bottom line.