We optimize structural costs

Global optimization of structural costs and support services

At Alfa Consulting we help companies optimize their structural costs by reviewing their organizational model, removing activities with low added value and simplifying work processes.

In many cases, companies do not address the global optimization of their structural costs because enhancements are not easy to identify. It is usually required to activate various levers to achieve relevant impacts and there is always the ever so present concern of potential negative external factors in terms of service and/or quality.

At Alfa Consulting, we carry out a diagnosis of all structural costs that enables us to determine the appropriate reference model for the company. We do this by applying adapted plans that enhance operational efficiency and efficacy globally, thus improving both the service and its quality.

Some of the solutions we implement are:

  • Simplification of organizational structures;
  • Review and adjustment of control spans at different organizational levels;
  • Utilization of shared services synergies;
  • Elimination of activities with little or no added value;
  • Simplification and enhancement of procedures and tools;
  • Optimization of transversal processes;
  • Digitization of activities, particularly with regard to back office tasks;
  • Implementation of reports in the interest of greater monitoring and cost visibility.

Obtained results:

  • Global decrease of structural costs: 10% – 20%.
  • Additional sales: 10% – 15%.
  • Reduction of the selling cycle: 30% – 60%.
  • Enhancement of non-productive purchases: 5% – 15%.
  • Improvement of service levels: 5% – 15%.