Enhancing the global efficiency of operations

Management of global operations

At Alfa Consulting we enhance the global efficiency of companies by assessing their operation maturity and by executing definite plans.

Steps of the Operations Maturity Model (OMM):

1) We compare the current situation of an operation (commercial, industrial, etc.) with a reference operational model.

2) We determine the lines of action to take in order to achieve the established goals.

3) In some cases, we apply a set of equivalent or similar operations in other parts of the world in order to establish a comparison between them.

Data of expected results

Service networks

  • Improvement of technician productivity: 15% – 20%.
  • Increase of on-site monitoring and supervision: 12% – 40%.
  • Increase of the contribution margin of the business area: 6,5%.

Sales representatives

  • Increase of productivity of sales representatives: 15% – 45%.
  • Increase of sales: 10% – 16%.
  • Decrease of complaints stemming from commercial activity: 45%.


  • Increase of productivity of maintenance teams: 15 – 50%.
  • Increase of team availability: 5% – 8%.
  • Reduction of maintenance costs: 7% – 20%.