We maximize the impacts of commercial activity

Excellent commercial execution

We boost the revenue of liberalized products and maximize the income from mature products

The OTC environment (Over the Counter) within the pharmaceutical industry is undergoing a process of change with regard to medical prescription products, which are giving way to liberalized products. This change involves competing in an environment that is more and more similar to the consumer goods industry. Traditional pharmaceutical companies are now facing the challenge of transforming their operations and adapting to this highly competitive situation.

Competing in this environment without huge advertising expenditure requires:

  • A commercial activity in which impacts are maximized with regard to points of sale of greater value in terms of customer care;
  • Coordination of actions in all channels and business areas (Marketing, Trade, Delegates, CatMan, Customer Care, teleshopping…) to augment the number of effective impacts in the pharmaceutical sector with an adequate promotion policy.

The key is the coordination and generation of value in each stage of commercial operations, while making the most of client interaction.

An excellent commercial execution entails the following improvements:

  • A new service model. Developing flexible commercial lines of action in the resolution of needs in order to compete in an ever changing environment.
  • A structured commercial activity plan. Keeping track of the commercial agenda and the impacts at the point of sale, and focusing and adjusting the sales network to customer needs.
  • An increase in sales and better placement at the point of sale. Achieving an impact in sales by establishing a partnership relationship with customers.