Improvement of commercial management in the patient assistance process

The challenge

Leading company globally in the development of medicines for rare diseases. It has a turnover of approximately 70MM€ in Brazil, with 81 employees focused mostly on the commercialization of its 5 main products. These medicines and pharmaceutical products are imported from the United States and stored at a Sao Paulo warehouse, with an annual stock of 15MM€, approximately.

The company’s administrative body considered that there was a significant improvement potential with regard to the efficiency and efficacy of its transversal commercial process. During the project, Alfa Consulting specifically delineated a patient assistance route for each of the company’s 5 main products, identifying clearly the client, the prescriber, the end user (the customer) as well as the remaining interest groups. Once the assistance routes were defined, the transversal process to optimize the value of each stage of the chain was defined.

The results

  • 3,5 MM€

    repercussion of immediate impact actions

  • 7,8MM€

    impact on the operational improvement of sales