We improve interaction with all stakeholders

Multi-channel implementation

We rely on technology to cover the needs of all stakeholders.

Recent developments in the pharmaceutical sector have called into question the traditional manner of interaction with the healthcare system. Over the last few years, however, a new system has emerged in which apps, digital content, CRMs and device diversity all coexist and merge together. 

It is necessary to adapt all business areas to a multi-channel approach (delegates, RAM, KAM, MSL, among others) and engage the organization as a whole, both in terms of content creation and implementation and monitoring.

At Alfa Consulting we are convinced that an approach involving all stakeholders is beneficial to addressing changes in the sector.

To achieve an efficient multi-channel strategy it is necessary to:

  • Create added value content for the daily work of doctors, pharmacists, nurses and delegates.
  • Design a tested and contrasted user experience for the sake of impact maximization.
  • Apply an intense policy of change management, both in terms of human and material resources.