We transform companies in the utilities sector in search of new opportunities

The utilities industry is experiencing profound transfigurations. Social, environmental and digital developments are the main catalysts of the transformation of its business models.

Alfa Consulting works side by side with large companies dealing with the generation, transportation, distribution and commercialization of gas and electricity. We assist them in the development and implementation of new strategies that ensure a sustainable and profitable business growth.

Thanks to our experience, we are able to delineate new business models and enhance their executive capacities to reach their goals in aspects such as:

  • Adequate asset management to optimize investment scenarios and improve investment returns.
  • The substitution of contaminating power sources for renewable energies and the search for efficiency in order to achieve the desired profitability, two key elements of the power industry.
  • A top quality service focused on user needs and an efficient power grid management, key elements for the transportation and distribution of power.
  • The fight against energy poverty. A social demand that companies must uphold.
  • The development of prosumers, multi-channel capabilities and new opportunities triggered by increasingly digitized commercialization processes.