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Asset management

At Alfa Consulting, we implement a model that connects strategic, tactical and operational goals to ensure peak performance in the short, mid and long term.

A suitable asset management strategy enables companies to maximize their efficiency in the utilization of assets over time. This resolves three main aspects at different levels:

  • Strategic long term vision: What to do.
  • Tactical mid term vision: How to do it.
  • Operational short term vision: Doing it efficiently.

We are able, by means of these three key elements, to address the following issues at different levels:

  • Planning, methodology and tools.
    • What the goal of asset management is and what is the optimal strategy to make it happen.
    • How to translate the strategy into definite actions.
    • Execution, monitoring and follow-up of the defined actions.
  • Organization and processes.
    • Financial and operational model for asset strategy.
    • How to implement the model and bring about its changes.
    • Accomplish and maintain quality and efficiency.
  • Systems, documentation and management information.
  • Define the system structure that makes it possible to implement the strategy.
  • Obtain the necessary information for adequate decision making.
  • Maintain high standards of data to ensure its effectivity.

Alfa Consulting has a wide experience developing solutions at all levels of vision, implementing them alongside our clients’ teams and collaborating to accomplish the pre-established goals.