We strive for maximum efficiency and quality

Grid management

We optimize field operations by creating an efficient relationship between the operator and the contractor, an adequate material management process and greater control of non-technical losses.

Power distribution operations encompass two main processes:

  • Grid planning and construction, both according to external demand and own needs,
  • Grid operation and maintenance.

These two main processes or activities are born in the distributor but are executed on site by means of a regular call for tender or through collaborating companies. In order to achieve the maximum efficiency and quality of both activities, it is indispensable to build an optimal relationship between the distributor and its collaborators.

At Alfa Consulting, we have worked with numerous distributors and contractors, and thus have a wide experience providing coverage for the following aspects, among others:

  • Calls for tender and contracting models.
  • Normalization model: contractor remuneration through constructive units.
  • Operational model.
  • Contractor management.
  • Material management.