Enhancing third party management

The challenge

Major company engaged in the production, distribution and commercialization of electric power, operating in 30 countries with 76,000 employees, and providing service to more than 60 million customers. It currently holds 90 GW of installed capacity.

The company decided to unify its contractor remuneration system for its main distributors in Latin America, for contracts related to construction, maintenance and commercial activities of low and medium voltage. The goal was to conceive a price listing that would enable comparisons between countries and ease the identification of best practices in the operation of different distributors.

To achieve this, we at Alfa Consulting carried out an analysis of the remuneration models and prices listings for 5 of the concerned distributors. We also designed standardized price listing proposals, as well as a price evaluation model that would enable the comparison between countries without it being affected by the exchange rate.



The results

  • 78%

    reduction of the number of positions

  • 80%

    of positions in the listing are common for the 5 distributors

  • 20%

    improvement of execution times