Simplification leads to savings

The challenge

Large company in the energy sector, with 24.6 million clients and more than 26,000 employees.

The company needed to maintain the cost of low and medium voltage framework contracts, entailing global savings of approximately 20MM€/year.

For this purpose, Alfa Consulting assisted the company in the simplification of its administrative process, by taking up measures on workload distribution, false starts and the decrease of waiting times. This optimization led to a reduction of the administrative workload by means of simplifying the invoicing process, moving towards a unique payment per service, reducing payment delays and improving process management.

In addition, a new contracting model was defined, which enabled the company to draw on a double network of contractors in densely populated areas, and simplify provider structure.

The results

  • +20MM€/year

    Savings of +20MM€/year, exceeding the pre-established goals

  • Double network of contractors in densely populated areas

  • Simplification of provider structure