We accompany power companies in the transformation of their distribution processes

Smart Grids

We implement a maturity model aimed at directing the evolution of business models, aligning its execution with the desired levels of excellence and evaluating its progress.

Electrical companies have either installed, or are underway of implementing smart grids of power distribution. These networks can be managed remotely and allow the companies to be aware, in real time, of the demand related to energy management, grid operations and power distribution.

This entails a unique business transformation opportunity in terms of power distribution. Alfa Consulting has successfully implemented a Maturity Model for Smart Grids (MMSG) which:

  • Helps place the company within the defined conceptual framework.
  • Evaluates the current state of the Smart Grid in terms of deployment and capacity.
  • Establishes the GAP between the current and desired situation.
  • Provides a coherent framework to establish the transformation program.
  • Monitors the progress of the program.

The MMSG is configured along eight pillars, for which five status levels have been defined: Initial, Implementation, Integration, Optimization and Advanced.

These pillars are:

  • Strategy, management and regulatory environment.
  • Organization and structure.
  • Grid operations.
  • Asset management and HR.
  • Value chain integration.
  • Environment and society.