Engagement with the challenges faced by your business

Our services

We tackle our clients’ challenges with profound commitment.

Our pillars are:

Result-oriented strategies

  • Creation of value for business development
  • Innovative strategies and realistic and efficient execution models
  • Responsible business
  • Business transformation

Acceleration of digital transformation

  • New business models and digital operations
  • Differential and omnichannel customer and user experience
  • Smart grids and mobility
  • Management and maintenance of 4.0 assets

Excellence in execution

  • Overall implementation of new solutions
  • Maturity models and best practices at a global scale
  • Integrations in large organizations
  • Digital execution

Global solutions

We work with our clients at all levels and support them in the development and transfer of knowledge to all their units.

  • 3,000 consultants at more than 70 offices around the world
  • 12 of the 100 leading companies according to Fortune, 50% of IBEX companies

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Alfa in numbers


We have carried out more than 1,100 projects in 30 different countries.


We work with more than 350 companies. Among them, 50% of IBEX companies and 12 of the top 100 leading companies at the global scale.


The positive impact of our work in our clients’ results amounts to more than 2 billion euros.


We have cooperated with 55,000 people at all organizational levels


We participate in more than 100 charitable initiatives within our Corporate Social Responsibility program.

Innovation and Digital Conversion

The huge potential of our era’s technology has generated a highly competitive, dynamic and digital environment. This new reality poses many challenges for non-native digital organizations, who need time to apply these new changes and adapt, particularly in the case of large companies with longstanding mechanisms, which often slow down their innovation processes.

Alfa Consulting’s firm focus on innovation and digital execution is translated into the creation of a new Innovation & Digitization division. This new team is in charge of keeping us up to date with new opportunities and business trends, in addition to designing and proposing transversal solutions for each of our projects.

We accompany our clients in their digital conversion processes by implementing highly effective state-of-the-art solutions in the field of Digital Execution.