Talita: Promoting the integration of disabled people

Recently, Alfa Consulting has been collaborating in a project with Talita, a non-profit Foundation that promotes the integration and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities. The project consisted of the preparation of a social balance of Talita’s activities, as well as a communication and fundraising plan.

To help them in determining their social balance, we studied both the quantitative and the social return. For the quantitative return, we based the research in the actual economic return (based on the employment integration) as well as the estimated future economic return taking into account most kids that Talita helps now will enter the labor market in the future. By facilitating this inclusion, the public administration is able to save in subsidies as well as gaining more people in the job market.

As part of their services, Talita accompanies young people with intellectual disabilities with their vocational training, as well as their incorporation into positions within the value chain of companies. These positions are created with real development/support need of the business in mind.

talita 3Regarding the social return, we highlighted the role Talita has in the different stages of life of the disabled person. Talita helps them from their very early years, giving support to families to normalize the situation, during their school years, by facilitating inclusion through educators within the same classrooms as the rest of the students, and, lastly, during the employment stage, identifying skills and preferences to integrate the young adults in companies along with other employees.

During the months that we have been collaborating with Talita, we also were able to develop a tailored communication plan that will help the Foundation raise revenues and awareness.


Pro bono engagement like this one enables us to use our expertise to support organizations who make a difference in our communities. For instance, Talita helps over 200 kids and teenagers in Spain and, hopefully, many more in the future.

About Talita

Talita Fundación Privada was established in 1998 with the aim of giving a committed and coherent response to diversity, working with the integration and inclusion of people with intellectual disabilities and special educational needs. Talita supports, helps, and guides these children and youngsters, accompanies their families, teachers and their environment, to achieve the maximum development of their capacities and progress in their integration and inclusion in school, in their workplace and in their leisure time.

About Alfa Solidaria

Alfa Solidaria was created to develop our corporate value of involvement more strongly. In the past 21 years, Alfa has collaborated with over nine NGOs and has allocated approximately 2% of the income to this program. You can click here to read more about other collaborations.